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What Are The Disadvantages Of Die-Casting Process?

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Company News
What Are The Disadvantages Of Die-Casting Process?
Latest company news about What Are The Disadvantages Of Die-Casting Process?

The World Of All Things Have Two Sides, Die-Casting Process Is No Exception, Although The Die-Casting Process Has Many Advantages, But There Are Inevitably There Are Many Problems To Be Solved. These Problems Are The Limitations Of The Die Casting Process:

A、Die Casting Often Porosity Presence: This Is Due To Die-Casting, The Liquid Metal Injection At High Speed State Filled Cavity, The Cavity In The Gas Too Late To Be Exhausted And Will Inevitably Be Involved In The Molten Metal, Resulting In Porosity Defects, The Quality Of Die-Castings, In Addition, The High-Temperature Gas Expansion Within The Pores Of The Die Casting Surface Bubbles, Seriously Affecting The Appearance Of Die-Casting, Reducing Its Overall Mechanical Properties. Therefore, The Die Castings Generally Cannot Be Heat Treatment And Welding, It Should Not Work At High Temperatures.

B、Not Suitable For Small Batch Production: The Main Reason Is The Cost Of Die-Casting Machine And Die Casting Mold More Expensive, Coupled With The High Efficiency Of Die-Casting Machine, Which Die-Casting Process, Although The Mass Production Can Bring Lower Cost Of A Single Piece, Small Batch Production Is Not Economic.

C、Die Casting Size Is Limited: The Size Of Die-Casting Mold Clamping Force By The Die-Casting Mold Size And Its Restrictions, So Die-Casting Process Is Only Applicable To The Production Of Small And Medium Castings, And Can Not Be Applied To Large Castings. Similarly, The Complex Concave Die Casting, Die Casting Mold And The Principle Of The Restrictions, Its Die-Casting Production Is Also More Difficult.

D、Die-Casting Alloy Types Are Limited: The Use Of Die-Casting Mold Temperature Limits, And Some Alloy Melting Point Is Too High, Resulting In Supporting Die-Casting Die Life Is Too Low, So That The High Cost, Difficult To Apply To The Actual Production. At Present, The Alloy Used For The Production Of Die-Casting Is Mainly Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Magnesium Alloy And Copper Alloy And Other Non-Ferrous Metals.

In View Of The Above Four Limitations, B And D Are Limited By Economic Costs, C Limited By Existing Equipment Conditions, And To Date, Technological Progress Has Been Slow. Only A Is Produced In The Process Of Die-Casting Process, Through A Certain Technical Improvements To Reduce Or Even Completely Avoid The Production Of Pores.

In Fact, It Is The Existence Of Porosity Problems, And Constantly Promotes The Improvement Of Die-Casting Process To Meet The Increasing Quality Of Die-Casting Business Requirements, But Also Expand The Application Of Die-Casting Process.


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